Reviews for "Suffer No Guilt"


Indeed, a bit satanic (saw that goat's head), but the detail is extraordinary! The combinations, the beasts, the fiends, the skeletons, they're all awesome! Great work!

Jakubias responds:

Thanks! And what's wrong with the satanic part? :P

Tombs of the Blind Dead, Anyone?

SICK. A little satanic, but dope otherwise. The skeletons in hoods with the beards and the swords on the upper right n left remind me of the "zombies" from that ol' skool "tombs of the blind dead" movies.
Great detail. Love the overall presentation. Too much in here to get to it all. Keep the art commin'. You're doin' great.

Jakubias responds:

Hah, you're first to notice the Blind Dead-series, great! I was partly inspired from those old spanish horror flicks, and also from great doom metal band Hooded Menace, who based their first album entirely on those movies.

i can see a...

i see a puking skull with two black holes instead of eyes and tons of monsters coming out of puke.oh yeah and a devil goat on top and under the skull.also there's a fish eating the puke!omg how the hell did you paint all that in one drawing?????OMG!

Jakubias responds:

Hah hah, well done, you hacked it into pieces quite well!
And how, I used black magic!

Like all of your art incredible

another one of many amazing art GJ!

Jakubias responds: