Reviews for "Suffer No Guilt"

Its nice

A bit random but nice

Jakubias responds:

randomness is the true form of excistence if there even is something to truly excist. Thanks!

Full score..

Cause I love this so much....ehrm and you now...lol

Jakubias responds:

Im getting all wet now!


Wow! If you aren't a tattoo artist already, you should really think about it. Amazing work.

Jakubias responds:

not yet not yet. I have considered that but it would a heck of practice and skill. Also here where I'm living there is more than enough of tattoo artists and t.a-wannabees. But you never know.


I want this on T-shirt, STAT!

Jakubias responds:

Well, I think that's not possible, yet.


Very nice ^^ It reminds me of the stuff you would see on those pirate maps on movies and stuff but if you look into it, theres more to it. The whole picture in itself is pretty "dark" with monsters left and right and the skull center piece. The water in this case, represents chaos? The baphomet symbol at the top there would kind of remind me of the following of "corrupt" beliefs, or ones that disrupt thoughts in people, in this case ill say sailors or adventurers.
Well enough of my bathering, nice designing :)

Jakubias responds:

I like your bathering, it sums the picture very well. Thanks for a good comment.