Reviews for "Suffer No Guilt"


This is awesome art, all of your art is though. You should consider doing album covers for bands, etc. Keep up the good work!

Jakubias responds:

There has been few times that I've been working on project like that. But for my dissappoinment, the band never released anything.

this reminds me

of the ballad of the ancient mariner.

tooooo muchhhh detaillll....

eyes... popping... ARGG!!!!

awesome work! i love it when people take time and invest in their drawings.
from the grain of the wood to the cracks in the skull and the scales of the fishman, this is a great drawing!

Jakubias responds:

it is a pleasure to pop some eyes.


I would so get this as a tattoo. Ten stars across the board.

Jakubias responds:

hey, go and get, but remember to send me a picture of your mark. Thank you for your ten!


wow man thats awsome it must of taken ages to do, how did you do it like what materials??

Jakubias responds:

damn, I have forgotten to mention the stats. I think it was paper size a3 (rough 28cmX60cm i think) with pencils (hb, b, 3h) and couple of evenings, maybe somewhere 10-15 hours, can't remember anymore.
thanks for your comment!