Reviews for "Suffer No Guilt"


nice work

omg thats awesome

dude you should see if you can make that a shirt thats amazing

Jakubias responds:

Thanks, I've thinking that too.

i humbly bow

I've only seen three or so pieces from you so far, and I can say right now, unequivecally, that you are my favorite artist on the entire of newgrounds. Your stuff reminds me of Gypsy tattoos from centuries ago, where entire histories and mythologies were captured in a single image. I especially like the mixing of biblical lore and modern ideas. I see at least two references to both Behemoth and Leviathan (what about Ziz?), some H.P. Lovecraft, and possibly a Hindi-inspired demon. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Jakubias responds:

Thanks mate, what else can I say.
As a bonus for your great review I'll release a slight detail for ye. There's two hands on the top of the skull on both sides. In left there reads Perfer and in right Obdura (if I remember right). It's latin meaning "suffer" and "endure". Unfortunately the quality and size of this pic fails to reveal this itself.
Thanks again for your great comment!

this shit right here.....

this is summudat obey the dark lord shit right here. nicely done.

Jakubias responds:

Ave Lucifer!

That is just... wow... almost beyond words!

Holy crap what an awesome piece of work. This is one of those pieces of art that giving a 10/10 doesn't seem enough. I wish I could give it a 20/10. It's creepy, it's cool, and hell, it even has a touch of humor!

The mammoth and the fat sea monster holding the drink on the left side really drew my attention more then anything else. I dunno why or how to explain, but they just work SO well.

Amazing amazing amazing amazing.

Jakubias responds:

Thanks mate! I'm fine with your 10 too, so don't worry 'bout it. Well they are the biggest things besides the skull itself, personally I prefer deep sea creature holding a lantern on the right side more, than that mammoth of satan.