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Pretty fucken funny

It would be better if he didnt fucken repeat himself

lmfao that is so funny

i so wish i had 1 of those


SWEAR BEARS!!! I laughed my head off seeing this.
What he said is below:

1.Hey, Hey, Hey, fuckface. Screw you, you fuckface, piece of shit.

2.Oh (dunno what word this is), what are you, a fucking pervert, fucking pervert, you gonna bust teddy bears, fucking pervert, fucking pervert, pervert.

3I'm a naked bear, kiss my baby fucking wee-wee, ASSHOLE.

4.Yo biatch, (what's that phrase again?), fuck yourself, fuck yourself, fuck fuck fuck yourself.

5.Hey, **** you ***hole, you stupid mother****ing piece of ****, why don't you go **** yourself, you ****ing loser.

Amusing saying here! More sayings!


There are times when pointless swearing is not funny.

this wasn't one of them though ;)

Lol hahah!

I just found out i'm a teddy bear pervert XD