Reviews for "Double Helix"

Hey it sounds pretty cool

I cant believe this was your first one. I was expecting a nightmare LOL

TimeBender responds:

I was too actually I tried ableton live a year or so ago and flipped out lol


No words. Just... wow.

TimeBender responds:

well i think you liked the song so thanks :)

hey hey

really really like the feel of this. only problem is it sounds pretty murkey until the crisp beat comes in at the end. the jazzness is brilliant, gets a 10 from me

Pretty good

It's just that some parts seemed a bit off, but anyway, like the oldschool feel to it. Perhaps it should be in that section instead?

TimeBender responds:

You know I didn't think about that, but it does make sense.


It has a nice relaxing feel to it. I like the classical and techno mix.

TimeBender responds:

You have good ears then :)