Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

kick ass

final fantasy 3 is the best game ever and this is the best ff rpg ever, kick ass amazing, wow go mog, make more more i say more

i love this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


i was in a bad mood until i played this game! whoa comon people make more games like this one!


This game wasreally cool. I really like the last boss :). It was a great game, very identical to final fantasy 6, exept different characters, and very funny. One of my faverite aspects of the game is being able to play as Sephiroth! My user pic is of Sephiroth in the upcoming PS2 game, "Final fantasy 7: advent children." This game was great.

sephiroth is a sprite!! ^.^!!!

i like it but im suck in the begining!!! how do i open the damn gate to town???!!!


all stuuff cooooooooooool