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Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

This brings me back...

This brings me back...

... to when NINTENDO didn't suck, and final fantasy 3 was THE GAME TO HAVE!

I really don't care if the sprites were taken from RPG maker, ive played about 8 games like this, there all good, and the other 7 had graphics taken from the real ff


Great Game! I love the *Special* enemies, which I won't give away. Oh, and if your want a really good game, go to www.o!utwar.com/fuckingoutwarspammers

just take the ! out...LOL ROFL HAHAHA (I do so hate them...)

REALY good game

This is one of the greatest RPGs on ng altho i wisht there wer more then 3 levels. But REALY good job on the sprites. PS im realy looking forward to your next rpg


good job on this. the sound, the graphics, it all went together perfectly. i look forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future. congrats on an overall great game.


i was in a bad mood until i played this game! whoa comon people make more games like this one!