Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

Amazing!! This is what you have waited for!!

Finally... Its about time someone made one of these.. I've been waitin for this. The humour in this game is great too!! I loved the fights... but I think they need more... More... Interaction.

Thanks so much for making this!!

Never played Final Fantasy, but...

THIS WAS GREAT! I loved the fights where the music changed to the actual game (*you know who*) and the end screens! I look forward to your other works.


Great! Your work is just WONDERFUL! Though. What's the highest level? And. Whats the strongest Monster in this game? AOL?

Kick ass

I Beat The Game With CLoud then I figured since I Beatn it like 9 times i tryed something new. I Went and defeated Mario and the AIM Guy quickly before I talked to the Old Man. Then i talked to the Old Man i was waiting "Go Forth and do the task i have given you!" but i got a "ha ha" so i firgured AMPs and CO. Made a Bug-fix. I would ussally find a Bug or two in a game like in SNES.


It's so cool. It cool that yoyu can play as Sephiroth. W00T for the stupid people out there. Press spacebar 3 times and you'll get sephiroth. Press spacebar 2 times, You'll get CLoud. Press it once then you'll get rosa. Mario was hard like a prick. He took off over 300 HP with Sephiroth. Nice boss by the way lol. Now I will kill the game with the otehr characters. I have beaten it with Spehiroth already mwhahahaha.