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Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

its a great game :)

not only cloud but sephiroth also its just kain and terra suck that bad that you have to level them up cuz while i played it i beat mario with sephiroth and cloud and terra somewat but she died once i got in another battle

Note to all

Contrary to popular belief, Mario is not unbeatable! You just have to level up a bit. Cloud is the only one who can beat at level 1.

Great potential

This is great, and the engine can be used to make a lot more out of this. Which i suggest you do.


all stuuff cooooooooooool


that is awesome (for other viewers, DONT KILL MARIO FIRST! run around looking for some wolfs to train on untill your lvl 2. then kill mario!) lol last boss? LOL AOL BROADBAND!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL you have no idea how much im loling myself right now!