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Reviews for "one little piggy"


I like it. Usually the chainsaw-infatuated psycho dawns pig garments or impersonates a pig somehow to be more unnerving, but seeing an actual - cartoony - pig with a cigarette taking back the style is refreshing. Fantastic lighting. It very much highlights the burly shape of the pig. The musculature is spot-on. I like the colors, too. Though most of the piece has a muddy yellow/brown palette, the pig himself has a notably yellow tank top with lively purple gloves to clash. The somewhat innocent "wolf" in the background is a nice touch, as well. I think keeping it gritty was the way to go. The blurry background and foreground details like the hook compliment the atmosphere nicely. I find the route you took with the saw itself to be interesting. The body is surprisingly rudimentary compared to the rest of the shapes present, but then the blade with large sections missing is almost over-developed in how complicated it is. Very cool stuff.