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Reviews for "Major Tom RemiX"

WTF? Nice audio.... :D

I've heard of this audio before remixed and I liked that version. This version was pretty well done with the instruments and synths that were used. I am happy to say that I liked this audio so much that I'm gonna but this on my favorites list since 1:54, 2:04, 2:58, and other parts of this audio were drastic. This audio was catchy and I enjoyed hearing this! Fantastic Work Brunzolaitis! :D

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-Seamonky :D

Good, but...

A great remix of a great song, but it didn't blow my speakers out with a mad beat. As far as I'm concerned, every instant you don't break into dope, mind-blowing beats is an opportunity missed for eternity.

Major Tom (Coming Home)

Instantly Loved It!
From a fan of the song "Major Tom (Coming Home)" I was overflowed with joy to see it on the Audio Portal, and hearing it I can just picture the lyrics in my mind! If there was only a way in which you could put the lyrics in with your song that would be awesome, but you would need a copy of the song wouldn't you, (PM me for more details if you want to consider lyrics). Again, Downloaded, and fived!
Excellent Job!



Like something out of a "Tales Of" game.


Talk about something new! This is amazing!