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Reviews for "Major Tom RemiX"

what he said

techno is not my favorite type of music but this may change my mind. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


I think my favorite part is the chorus and the ending. Compared to this, every other version, including mine, is not much. I've just got to download this!

. . . . . . wow.

Damn that good. I can't think of a better way to say it that is appropriate. This was just great. Normally I try to stay away from emotional reviews, but this is just to damn good to pass up. I love this song, I grew up listening to 80's music (thanks to my parents, I was born 88) and this is a favorite. Its rare to hear on the radio, but to find this on Newgrounds just makes me smile. Even without the lyrics this song just rocks. I think I listened for maybe 25 seconds before hitting the 5 button.

--->Good Points<---
I won't lie I try to stay away from personal emotion in my reviews as of late, but I can't keep it from showing in this review, the whole song is its own good point. Still, I'll break down my reasoning for loving it so much a little.

-Style- 10/10: The way you did the song keeping it to the same style, mood, and beat of the original is great. The fact that it is so good without the lyrics is unbelievable is amazing. It even seems like the song itself, through the melody is putting the words into my mind as it plays, making me think it even has lyrics in it.
- Flow- 10/10: Smooth. Can't really say it any better. It came together instantly and kept the same strength, pace, and demeanor throughout the entire song. Every part transitioned smoothly to the next with no hicups or unecessary lag or drag. The whole song moved along perfectly.
-Sound- 10/10: Ear catching. I must say that I am glad that I have 5.1 Surround to listen to it on, because this song just rocks at high volume. Nothing in this song seems like it is off key or off pitch. The tune stays true throughout the whole song. And even when I transfer to my headset, this song stays just perfect.
-Enjoyability- 10/10: This one is probably the most obvious of all the points. The fact that I did the review pretty much says it all. I loved the entire song. Simple as that.

--->Down Sides<---
1: About the only true downside to this song is that there were no lyrics, because if this song had some really well done and in tune with the song lyrics, this song should be republished using your version of it. The song is just that damn good.

All in all ... well feck, this just blew my mind when I heard it. Simply put, this was an instant download from me, and I will suggest this song to my friends if they want a good listen anytime soon. Over all, this song got a 5 rating and a completely Solid 10/10 stars from me and a spot at the top of my audio favorites list.

F'n A!

Dude! This is so AWESOME!!!! Whats ur mixer program?

Brunzolaitis responds:

I use Fruity Loops and AcidMusic.


I love this song but i was wondering, why is it called major tom remix?

Brunzolaitis responds:

Because it is a remix of an old german chart hit from the 80ies called "Major Tom".