Reviews for "==(The First Flight)=="

A very flowing piece of awesomeness

SBB, I swear everytime I listen to your new pieces, you never fail to impress me.

This piece is well compressed and well composed. It has a very soothing visual it gives even as each new instrument is layered on.

Awesome work, SBB! Keep it up!


Wow, you realy done it this time.

this is pure perfection. the piano is way better than i have ever herd ever! i dare say it is better than a real piano.

but yea awsoem work, you best to date i think :D.


Excellent intro, excellent piano. Very relaxed and very enjoyable. Was that panpipes I heard?! One of my fave instruments, combined with mellow drums and that piano in the hall, cracking mix..

You set a good standard with your songs, that's for sure. :)


Absolutely wonderful my friend.
Soaring high above the rest...
I'm sure I'll be falling asleep tonight with this song on and dreaming something wonderful.

Keep it up!


I had this song on for two hours and didn't even notice. :o