Reviews for "==(The First Flight)=="

I love it.

It starts out slow but you can get the feeling that your moving in a place too large to get anywhere. The high pitched tones and instruments are fantastic. As the piano first comes in it really compliments the air-like flowing feeling your feeling throughout the entire song.
Your really with the whole drum kicks in these songs. Cant wait for more entries ^_^

there should be a law against..

relying so much on pads hahaha :P

I like the fast staccato notes though - almost gives it an.. oriental feel.

the piano is nice too - sounds very vast and distant.

I can picture this being in the sky on mountainpeaksin the foggy carpet of clouds with just the tips of hte mountains peaking through - like pointy stepping stones as you skip along and practice martial arts in the sky where noone can hear you. soaring from tip to tip.

The synth that comes in feels a bit out of place.. liek a foreign element that comes - pauses for a moment - decides it doesn't belong - and leaves. Like a spaceship lol. I can picture monks in meditation.. everything feels very ancient. And now it feels like night time, its cold - and the spaceship lifts off to record and report what it has seen.

what these ears needed


0. Hello.

1. Good Points:
* The music is very trancing, one can have a good quiet afternoon listening to this.
* The percussion (drums) is very crisp, very satisfying to hear.
* The percussion (cymbals) mixed very well to the overall music.
* The horn was very soothing to listen to.

2. (Not so) Good Points:
* Came out a little bit too strong at the start.
* The hi-hat was louder than expected, it kind of overpowered the piano a little bit (or is it the center part of a ride cymbal, I'm not sure.)
* The percussion (piano) was a little bit too distracting when the drums started to pick up.

3. Good Day.



Interesting piece here.

You know what though........for once in the Newgrounds Audio portal.....this is truly Ambient. You pushed this piece into the respective category. Or maybe you made a piece that truly 100% fits into the respect category.

I like it. The mood is painted really smoothly. There is a clarity in the sound as well. It feels like a creamy spread of sounds woven together into a very precise and clear web. Very nice job, Mr. Moderator. I have a gold aura as well.

Haven't listened to your stuff in a while.

Now I remember why I love your music.

This was a great piece. Your intro is amazing. I love that pad, it's nice and throaty, and your simple piano melodies always make for a great theme. As always, your drums are euphoric. They're nice and subtle. And now comes your piano triads. That's what makes it sound so familiar, it makes me think of Frozen Planet. And then the other synth comes in and makes for a great atmosphere. Those effects are fantastic. Great outro.

Nice song.