Reviews for "==(The First Flight)=="


Very peaceful song, I like it. You have an interesting blend of piano and flute there, it's unique. The lead-in is, well, really good. It kind of sets the tone for the entire song. It's a good song, almost trance-ish. It could have used some more drums, but then again, maybe not, you would risk breaking the peacefulness of it. Overall, good song, but it's not an amazing masterpiece.

I imagine...

a girl with snow white hair and a white dress...riding a huge white flat crystal in the shape of an square emerald. Playing the flute to the rising sun. A boy down below wearing green, plays the piano in the woods. Soon they meet and their music brings peace to a storm.

Sorta different, but really well done.

I really like the wind instruments you used, I don't hear those too often and I think they sounded perfect here. I think you might have been able to make them just a little bit louder though, at the end I think it sounded a bit buried under everything else. And I think the piano from 1:53 to 2:09 sounded a little bit off, compared to how it is from how you use it in the rest of the song.

But those are just minor things I think, because I haven't heard something like this submitted in a long time, and I think you did it really good.


this could be in an anime right before I embark on my journey...in my quest in tokyo for the lost sword


I can't even find words to describe your awesome songs anymore.
However, it's perfect again, everything is in its place right on time. Great work again and btw, I'm still waiting for the first review, but those bastards are always faster...