Reviews for "==(The First Flight)=="


nice rhythm
was nice... very calm... good for relaxing
nice work
& awesome wind effect... XD


I gotta tell ya, this was really cool. You could use this in a variety of ways. I used it to masturbate, in my cardboard space/time capsule.

NO not really I really liked it, dude. . And my space/time capsule is broken anyways.
haha. Not a helpful review, I know. But I'm just throwing some more support your way. Very Pink Floyd "ish" in parts. Cool man.

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4.33 / 5.00 (+ 0.019)

SBB bring great honor to newground

very visual intro...a samurai warrior stands along the cliff of a mountain, and slowly transforms into an eagle and flys away. this has a quite a relaxing atmosphere with some serious sounding melodies in the lead.

sweet grand pads. the woodwindish synth sounds really cool, and fits a theme of "honor" perfectly. the pace is great, and the piano melodies drift gracely across the track. I love the chord progression around 1:50..the melodical work around 2:20 is excellent, great job of introducing the main melodies and expanding on them to add more emotion and color to the track. the beat is good again, more varied snare dynamics would be nice-o. the jingle bells were worked in more then adequately.

when the second half ot the track starts after the tom hits-a possible idea would be to use some steadier, slightly louder percussion(like a shaker to replace the hi hats and maybe a lower tom to replace the bass kick).

one thing that really strikes a chord with me is the flute solo in the end...very serious sounding, and its a dagger when it takes that emotional bend, and slides right back in, perfect resolution to the track.

perfect levels of reverb(how many times have I said this to you in my reviews? haha) to illustrate the endless sky.

good job SBB(swedish badass buddy)


A smooth, airy piece. However, I didn't enjoy it as much as your other MAC entry.
The starting pad is nice enough, but I think those paddy bursts should've started out under a fairly resonant LP filter, then brought up to the top at about the same time as when the piano comes in.
And the drums - with all the reverb on everything else, I think the drums should be more dry and snappy (well, a long airy decay on the snare is always nice). The kick drum needs to be deeper, there's very little bass in this song and a deep kick would really drive the track along.

Good job nonetheless. You're really proficient at ambient - but even ambient songs should take advantage of the whole sound spectrum. :)

Keep it up!

ok i like

see now i thought you were gona get all enya on me then, i was gona shut this off and hide in a corner, but now im not so on with the review.

you have this new age jazz feel with a touch of native American to this song. like i was flying on a hawks wings over a canyon or something, more or less i get flying from the wind sounds and the glass flute, ARGH bent notes!!! ok i like it but it seemed to lingure longer than it should of but thats just me. but i like it alot

so i give you a 5/5

good work sbb