Reviews for "==(The First Flight)=="

i cant help but put you on my favs.

i love ambient and thats all you do. it's the most enjoyable music. keep all these awesome works coming its the main reason i come to NG anymore. thanks for letting all of us at NG see your talent.

Master of the mellow

You really have a talent for producing these smooth, flowing tracks. This one is perfectly named, by the way. Every element of this song is spot-on, particularly the piano.

When I listen to songs on NG, I usually find myself listening in too technical a way, analyzing the mechanics of the song, etc., but during this one I found myself actually relaxing into a very passive daze, my imagination resonating. That's the mark of a truly great song!


Excellent intro, excellent piano. Very relaxed and very enjoyable. Was that panpipes I heard?! One of my fave instruments, combined with mellow drums and that piano in the hall, cracking mix..

You set a good standard with your songs, that's for sure. :)


Wow, you realy done it this time.

this is pure perfection. the piano is way better than i have ever herd ever! i dare say it is better than a real piano.

but yea awsoem work, you best to date i think :D.

voted 5

Nice song. This really gives me a visual of a lone bird flying across great distances. So the title fits perfectly. :P
I really like this song a lot, I'm not really sure why, but I do! xD
Awesome work on this!
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