Reviews for "The Pendulum"


F*CKING AWESOME MAN! Very VERY Good Job. I LOVE This sort of music style!!!

Very Good

I encourage you to make more music like this. It's so different on so many levels that it just keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. As said before, the "harmonic tripiness" of the song creates such a vortex that sucks you in on every change of the beat, it's amazing. Keep up this style of creativity, it works so well for you.


Yah. Definitely. Dude, I've been looking for some new beats, and I was about to give up all together. Thanks for keeping the beats alive!

Best music I've heard this year on NG

Anyone who listens to this should do it on Spectrum.
I love listening to music but this is like no other. 5/5 for quality, effort & choosing to put it in sydney shark!!!!! 10/10 5/5
Nice work!


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