Reviews for "The Pendulum"

hmmm , interesting

By the time the music reached the 1:30 mark , it sounds all too familiar to me . Do you know anything about this ?

i have to agree

icecoldkilla747 is kinda right in that the song never really starts. and i get the feeling that its teetering on the brink of hardcore and normal. all in all a slightly above average song.
mabye you should try a different genre


well... i thought the song had an intro, but song was the intro. for me, the track never started. im used to listening more aggressive music, your beat has nothing wrong but its not for me.

cheers from finland <:D


It was okay and then ~1:30 changed my mind.
It's great, but too shrill for me. Won't let that get in the way though. :D


i'm not typically into this sort of music, but i loved it. loved the beat variation and recommended it to a few dnb/dubstep fans.