Reviews for "The Pendulum"

i like.

not a big D@B guy. Always loved your stuff though. And this is interestin cause its evil and discordent technically, but melodicly and harmonically it still has some class. nice fusion, to use an over abused buzz word.


i've been listening to your stuff recenty... this kind of talent is what makes me angry because you dont get enough exposure since the audio portal is way too underrated.. no one comes here and no one does anything about it...

anyways, the song is excellent, its an awesome techno/DnB song, there nothing wrong in it in my opinion, maybe it just takes a bit too much time to start, the intro repeats itself 5 times (i think) when 4 or even 2 could've been sufficient, but its not bad, its just different... its GOOD, congratulations :)


Sounds very mean and not your style. But, it sounds pretty cool!!

Winterwind-NS responds:

haha thanks
loved ur reaction
definitely not my style
got help from members of the dnb groups Kept Blue and Extortion Labs


10/10 4/5 I liked it but i think it was alil bit too much for MY taste, but otherwise it was aswome! check out my stuff!


this is great
im adding it to my faforit
10/10 5/5