Reviews for "The Pendulum"

Another great older song

Why is it that so many older songs tend to be better than the newer?? I love the sound and off-beats here, my kind of weird!

HOLY FUCK!!!! sorry bout mah language...

THIS IS KILLER!! You never cease to amaze me. keep it going and im looking forward to pale ice's completion.

Very Good

I encourage you to make more music like this. It's so different on so many levels that it just keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. As said before, the "harmonic tripiness" of the song creates such a vortex that sucks you in on every change of the beat, it's amazing. Keep up this style of creativity, it works so well for you.

framazing man

this is really some good dnb man! awesome drums, keeps pumpin till the end. and the SCRATCHING...gawd...it's harmonic trippiness from start to finish. what else can i say? I LOVE EET! excellent musicianship here. >)


F*CKING AWESOME MAN! Very VERY Good Job. I LOVE This sort of music style!!!