Reviews for "The Pendulum"




I don't agree with either of those other comments saying which parts aren't any good. The whole thing is great how it is I think. A good song needs to expand and contract, speed up and slow down, all that, which it does. This kind of reminds me of 20 minute long Yes epics in that way.


I listened to many of your other tracks (I assume you're a music major by some of the pieces that you've uploaded) and sorry to say man, but none of them compare to this one for me. Don't get me wrong, that's not necessarily a bad thing, as the other tracks are still amazing, just not as amazing. Anyway, here goes the review--

Melody - I fucking love how you used the one instrument to go from a very trippy, hard electronic sound, which to me had something of an Indian flare, up to the 1:30 point. From there until 2:00 is what seems to be an infamous part of the song, which suddenly has a more emotive lead, almost reminiscent of the faux-guitar tracks found in the Megaman series. This comes out into a pretty rocking riff-like part which is then practically destroyed by the effect chain towards the end of the piece, and the 'infamous' melody comes back one last time, but in a darker, more diminished key.

Fucking brilliant.

Whereas in my own music, and that of many others, I will generally change instruments to create a different 'feel', while the melody will generally not change too much. You on the other hand took a single sound and created a landscape with it, transforming a song from aggression, smoothly into something that can only be described as the feeling of flight.

Rhythm/Structure - One of my focuses in my own study of music theory is alternate rhythmic structures beyond the general 4/4 and 3/4 times. To be honest, I'm rather bored with the typical "1 and 3 get the downbeat, 2 and 4 are the upbeat" routine, not to mention its prevalence in electronic music (hence the very term 'Four on the Floor'(and even though I do it myself every now and then)) This annoyance was not sparked by your rhythmic structure at all--The beat, while easy to follow, was more along the lines of IDM, breakcore, and other complex-rhythm based music, while still holding its own uniqueness. The deep sound that more or less acted as a bass kept me bobbing my head over some 6 or 7 listens.

Mixing/Mastering - I'll be the first to admit I don't necessarily have the best ear for this, or the best equipment to confirm it. However, I know what I like. I don't like shrill treble even though I love higher registers. I can't stand overpowering bass but I love it to pump and pulse. You performed admirably in both areas. The overall mix is splendid; I may not have done things the same way (I would have turned the lead down a little bit to showcase those insane drums and the crazy ass bass) but I understand why you mixed it the way you did, and for the purposes that you were going for, it's great.

Overall - Very emotive, very energetic, and very professional. To someone who's rather jaded when it comes to the modern music scene, this tune is a breath of fresh air. This song will definitely be going in my playlist, right alongside Shpongle, Mauxuam, The Orb and Subheim.

Salut, Winterwind.

Need full song like the 1:27 - 1:59 section!

While I enjoyed the song as a whole somewhat, my favorite part was actually the 1:27-1:59 part that MasterDan1742 thought didn't sound good. I would have actually preferred the song be all, or at least the majority of, music sounding like that section.

The reveiw!!!

1:27 - 1:59 needs to be removed >.> makes the song soung absoloutly horrible... and just sounds like hey lets just shove this part in here with no style...

will give a 10 for it though :p just fix it up maybe not as many weird things like that >.>