Reviews for "Excrement"

Do not know what that means.

but nice job. :3

Jakubias responds:

Top line means "youre shit", combined with the lower line you could get an idea of growth and progress as a human being. And I underline the word "could".


Fucking loved that movie.

Jakubias responds:



I don't know much about the move, but your work is great!

nice boobs

and message! sure the message


Ok so here is another great piece and you are going on my faves list, but anyways with all your work including this one you give meaning to these pieces you do like this one with the drawings and such, very welldone, the sketching of all this, is very well done and seems to all fit well together, you also really make it all kinda funny in a way that you dont see, so props to you for making this an awsome piece, Now to improve onto this i thik it could have a more "BORDER" like presence, so it seems like a poster type of thing, so maybe ad frames/borders onto it, the text shows it off as something like that, Now again i say ad abit of color like maybe the pile in his hand could be slowly turning into gold or something, just to give the idea, but anyways it was a nice piece as always and glad to see your work on here, keep up the good work.

I suggested possibly some borders and frames, but its just an idea, and you already have something really good.


Jakubias responds:

Thanks, that border thing might actually work.