Reviews for "Synj Sneak Attack"

Great game

Wow great game, another classic from synj, great art, great scripting, everything a great synj calls for, awsome work hope to see more soon love all the color in this you really went all out on this one.


I loved how fast paced this was! There was just so much going on! Everything was so wonderfully bright and colorful! It had so much variety. It's great to see so much energy in a game. I thought this was a preview.

Either way, it's awesome. I'm becoming more used to Synj. He should have his own section. The sounds are great too. It's just instant fun. It holds up after all these years!

Chainsaw the children... with Synj.

synj is soooo awsome!!!

Simple yet fun and entertaining

When wanting something to play that's simple, silly and fun this would be it. Nice game without getting too involved or taking to long to play. Although it's fun to play, after a while I lost my interest.