Reviews for "Synj Sneak Attack"

Fire up the chainsaw,

Mow the trees down, and you've got a fun game.


In whole it's a nice, fast-paced game with a concept that never gets old, but it has a lot of cons, too: it carries on to quickly, it gets boring quickly, there's no real point to this. But the most frustrating thing of all, I have to say, is the trees and shit blocking your view. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to see a trap with all these bushes? The first time I played this game, there were just three random explosions and I died, I literally didn't even know what hit me. It would also be nice to tell us beforehand that you can't damage the guys with the spikes at the back. But I'll still give a 7.

its o.k

its more good than bad.but i wouldent say its good

hard but fun

its hard but its really fun

Uber fast

Not really interesting. It's too fast.