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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"


uwsome peace... nice and relaxing, calming too!

very effective like it is actually happening what is going on out there, you can actually tell to this song, maybe...

Very good song, u dserve a 5/5 for all your hard work and effort!

Keep up the good work and hope to hear more great song like this soon!

DR. DanK

Twinkle thing

The twinkle thing sounded like it was floating around in my head.

very nice

first it is a said song but then, wow one of the best ever maid on ng

Very interesting...

This song is making me see all kinds of images in my head, from birds flying to dolphins swimming...
This definably gets my ten, and goes in my playlist!

Very talented

I just stumbled on your work while listening to another artist. Superb work, very polished. Had to listen to more so I spent almost a hour on your page. Keep up the great work. Most enjoyable to listen to much feeling in each of your works. Thank you for sharing them.