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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

Nice, relaxing

Kind of has a soothing, almost ambient feel about it. Great work. 10/10, 5/5

F-777 responds:

Thanks man! I think this is my best piece so far.

Dude...this is Awesome!

Its a feel good song...it brings back memories, makes you feel good, its epic, it makes you move even if you dont realize it. Keep up this awesome talent you have!!

Respect brother

This was really awesome and emotional at the same time and it had this sort of asian feel to it.


it was impossible to think of anything bad while listening to this song. it just made me remember everything good in the world. i even took a picture of the sunset here lol. very emotional. great job

Last Hopes are high

i only have one last hope.., my faint but strong reason for living.., this songs makes it so darn dramatic.., i melt as i see my good times {crying smile}....