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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"


i heard this song...
i closed my eyes...
i flew.

this song is truly beautifull. it should belong in the trance section, it fits trance more than the actuall trance songs.
keep up the good work


love it!

I Want To Cry In Joy!

I want to just go up and hug someone this is such a beautiful song. I'm really really amazed! Wow, create more songs like this to keep a good emotion in your songs. Every song I've heard from you like this gave me chills and a larger heart! Please Make More Like This!

I agree there man!

There's something in My eyes...

Beginnning is very powerful, middle just like forces you to listen to the end where its just marvelous... Simply just marvelous... Did you hear me? No wait, I need to say this one more time. Marvelous.... Oh yeeeesss....

How you do this.

You are very fantastic.

(kinda desperate to be your singer). >.> <.<