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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

It's ag reat song

Great song, but i think its in the wrong category...

Hard trance, maybe? is There this category in newgrounds? ^^

anyway, great song

F-777, You own!

Trust me, this is not just a random shout. Your reply of the review under mine is simply owning and true. If you say this is exactly how you wanted it then I agree with you. This song is really nice and those who say it isn't should not even comment. Then again, anyone can give their opinion but still. There is nothing bad at all with this music. It's simply perfect.

F-777 responds:

Wow thank you so much! You have been a great encouragment to me and you have no idea how much your reviews have helped me!

Thank you!

*yawns* sorry a lil slow

it was kinda too slow to start considerin it took 1 min to start but then it became just a reptetive mash of beats, kinda annoying and sad considerin you have mastered trance just like BOUNC3 is acheving and C&B had dropped and PGX9 never acheived

F-777 responds:

Ummm actually if its too slow for you i think you are missing the power of this song. I think this is one of my best because it focuses on the power and emotion of music instead of speeding, headbanging music.

Im sorry you didn't like it but it wasn't a failure. It's exactly how i wanted it to be =D.

Thanks for the review!

Reminds me of Gurdian's Crusade.

Amazing music. You are mighty.


get one last hope to drop in behind motionless after motionless is 10seconds in