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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

Very talented

I just stumbled on your work while listening to another artist. Superb work, very polished. Had to listen to more so I spent almost a hour on your page. Keep up the great work. Most enjoyable to listen to much feeling in each of your works. Thank you for sharing them.

Good... GOD...

This is incredible. Absolutely... Incredible. Dude, I almost cried listening to this. XD Seriously.

I don't really know what gives it the emotional power, but I suspect it's the voice/string combo in the background. At least I think it's a voice/string combo. Whatever. The ambient background sound is what gives it its full power.

This is a total happy ending/victory song to me. This tune says, "we've done it; we've done it! We WILL survive!"

Oh god yeah... This is what electronic music was invented for. *sniff*

great like always

U almost cant dissapoint me anymore.


so gentle and relaxing T_T


Emotional? I don't know about that. All I know is that this work speaks to a piece inside all of us. The part that needs to calm down. Na, I lost the wanna-be profound thought. Shucks. Anyway. This song. Is amazing. Extremely calming. And speaks volumes in the all-too-brief span of time it takes up. I wish I could make my computer automatically play this song twice everytime it comes on shuffle. I wouldn't even notice. Absolutely SUPERB work, my friend!