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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

sweet man

it will be a song that people will remeanber 5/5.

nice !

Its really a great song! Listening to it and reading the songs name made it emotional in a very positiv way!

keep up with this !

Dam. I need to check NG more.

Unfortunately, I had to catch this 4 days after submission because I forgot to check for new songs. Either way, the song was great. Well titled, and the variety of sounds was what really set this apart from other happy/hope songs on newgrounds. But there was something about it in some parts that just seemed... off. I don't know what it was. But anyway, 9/9, 5/5.


Some really nice tunes you got here, a nice blend of instruments.
I just think that some sounds is a bit too cheezy. =P
other than that it is like a pure drop of hope in the audioportal.
it loops fantastic too =o

Well, i gtg check out your other stuff too.

Gr8 work!!




F-777; being a long time friend of yours, I know of your work and must say though this ISN'T your best, this still kicks a lot of butt.

I was expecting this song not to have ANY major key in it, rather focusing on the MINOR key only as it being titled "A New Hope" seemed appropriate. HOWEVER, regardless of the key and tonality of the song, you never cease to amaze me in variety of instruments, and overall song quality. This was pretty darn good.

F-777 continue making these, and your fame will be known throughout the portal. Hit me up sometime on my e-mail, or a PM, so we can collab. Hell even just to talk.

Good job once again, my good sir!