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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

Stop it!

Stop it! You're driving us crazy!
No one can stop you because of your awesome songs! :P
Good job!

WOW nice

yo this is a nice track!
this should have come first on the best of the week!


uwsome peace... nice and relaxing, calming too!

very effective like it is actually happening what is going on out there, you can actually tell to this song, maybe...

Very good song, u dserve a 5/5 for all your hard work and effort!

Keep up the good work and hope to hear more great song like this soon!

DR. DanK

There really is a lot of emotion in this track...

...and I can imagine the olympics, for some reason. You know, when you make people think of things out of nowhere just because they listen to a certain tune that you made, you have created something excellent.

Here's what I kept on picturing... a track guy looking at the horizon, hoping he would win. He then runs the miles... keeps on running, and running, and running. He doesn't think of the fatigue or the pain... he keeps on going.

Hope to hear songs like this from you soon. ^_^ Again, excellent job! 5, 10, fav!


I can actually listen to this song for hours,its soooo calming,like watching the skys full of stars in the middle of nowhere. keep it up!

deserves alot more than the little fives and tens I can give you ^^