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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"


Its breathtaking

Let me just say...

What you have made will leave me in awe for many years.

The song itself is extreamly well made, not to mention emotional. I want to tell you that this should be considered one of the better songs on this website.

If anybody says that this song is not well made, then let them be damned.

Truely a work of art, keep making more of these


love it!

Oh, wow....

This one gave me shivers, and I think my eyes got a little...watery. I love it when music does that to me! xD Great stuff!

Ah yes...

I actually took the time to log-in and review this superb song.

It's an excellent song which, in my opinion deserves 9.8/10 because perfection doesn't exist but damn, this one stepped in Perfections grounds.

I took the time to listen to your other songs and it's a pity this is the only one in it's category. Most of your songs are fast-paced and noisy(which isn't bad but not my style). I strongly encourage you to make more of these types of songs who can deliver some emotions or at least make us, listeners, have no trouble withering off towards other fantastic realms.

P.S I hope you will make more of these, I will be sure to review them.

Kudos to you!


F-777 responds:

Thanks. Try my other song "Motionless".

Also im planning a few songs like this for the future =D.

Thanks for the review!