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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

Looking Through...

I see myself, walking up to a shy girl, asking for her hand in a dance. She's somebody I've known for a long time now and never had the courage to ask. She accepts my hand and we enter the dance of people, the people however stop and begin to watch us, she says...
"Robert, everyone's watching us."
I reply...
"Don't worry about them, we're the only two here right now. It's just you and me, don't let them make you think about anything else."
After the dance we are applauded and given great praise. I don't know what happens next, then again, nobody can really say what a moment will lead to...that is how life works I guess...

I loved your audio and downloaded it instantly.


I have nothing bad to say, this song is powerful and brings tears to my eyes.

Hehe sweet

That kinda music is want i wanna produce :) Really powerful stuff man, keep making em :)


very electronic

Very good song!

One of my favourite songs of the portal! Keep on the good work!