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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"


Am I Dreaming?

Very good

But I was going to give the name of "A New Age" to this music.


I have lost so many hours listening to this song. Sometimes I don't even realize I've left it playing. This song is just so incredibly relaxing and it cheers me up ^_^ If I could give it awards it would be "Most Listenable" because it's easy on the ears, "Most Loopable" because I spend HOURS with this playing while I'm working or playing games. The song kicks that much ass :P

lurv this song!!!

This is my favorite song done by you. It flows so well and I love all the sounds. I find it really relaxing too, which is great right before a math test! lol. Honestly, just amazing. lol. Congrats on it!

I Want To Cry In Joy!

I want to just go up and hug someone this is such a beautiful song. I'm really really amazed! Wow, create more songs like this to keep a good emotion in your songs. Every song I've heard from you like this gave me chills and a larger heart! Please Make More Like This!

I agree there man!