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Reviews for ""One Last Hope" F-777"

Loved the.. thing from 2:08-2:04. (Don't know what instrument it is.) I cried listening to all the emotion. The effort you put into every one of your fantastic songs show. Although i think this one is a bit repetitive. Keep up the amazing work!

How you do this.

You are very fantastic.

(kinda desperate to be your singer). >.> <.<


Every time I hear this song I always picture a great battle going on in a fictional future and the hero is giving his all and the end wins but at a cost


I think that it could be a little better. It's an absolutely fantastic song and I'm downloading it as I type this. But compared to your other songs, it seems like there is a lot of buildup in this song but not as much grand finale or climax to the song. But that's the only flaw I see so keep up the fantastic work.

it makes you think

i originaly found your music off of last fm on xbox like the music
keep on rockin