Reviews for "Lost in my own little world..."


This reminds me of my ex girlfriend that attempted suicide then 3 months later when she got out of ICU, she attempted to murder me. Ugh, sweet nostalgia.

Renegade-Hamster responds:

Just doing what I can to help

You know what?

This totally reminds me of Jamie Hewlett's "Tank Girl" series! Fantastic work, great work on detail! :)


The shading and detail is absolutely gorgeous. The background added nicely to the 'in my own world' thing, but the only thing bugging me is her tattoo. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful rose, but it didn't quite fit the rest of the picture.

The shading and highlights made this piece of art look very realistic, but the tattoo made it look more 2D, as if it was just stamped on. Photoshop CS2 (maybe other versions of PS or other editing programs have it, I don't know.) has a 'Warp' option in the Free Transform tool, which I use for editing in tattoos. That would be my little piece of advice for you in the future. Sorry if I sound like a total jerk.. >_>;

Renegade-Hamster responds:

Yeah, I might try something like that, actually. Thanks.

Fuckin Sweet...

Were the first words to come to mind. The girl really has some attitude to her, which is awesome. I really like the band-aid on her cheek too, it adds a little more baddass-ness to her as a whole.

(Badass-ness is indeed a word.)

i'm totally diggen it

i got them headphones man! and boy are they comfy.