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Reviews for "Retrospection"


Finally some good techno coming along.

really good

In my opinion, this is one of Nal's best songs, mabye even topping 'Kicking Extra Ass' (and its remix), and Absolute X. Keep up all the great work Nal!


Seriously, What a great wonderfull sounding track! I really enjoyed listening to this, it has nice effects to it and you layed it out well. great beats and acids.... good synths! everything is nice here... Keep up the good work.


Most songs cannot pull off the basic bass on every 2 and 4, however I think that it tied into this song really well. I was thinking 'Wow' in my head at around 1:42 with that new pattern introduced, and I just went ahead and said it out loud at 2:09.

I apologize I don't have any constructive criticism - as there is probably nothing I would change throughout the whole thing.

Great work, thanks for this song.