Reviews for "Batman Puking"


the title alone just makes this epic.

Hahahaha!!! Yackman!

This reminds me of Halloween '08. I had bought a Batman costume and some friends and I were going to pre-drink at my place before going to the club or something. As soon as I got off work I rushed home and put on my costume. I then proceeded to chug two beer mugs 3/4 full of straight whiskey within 30 mins. That was the last thing I remember, everything else I know about that night is second hand or from pictures. Apparently I ripped my costume and kept asking my buddy to "tie it tighter" in a creepy Christian-Bale-as-Batman-impersonation voice about ten times in a row. lol On the way to the club I starting puking like a volcano all over my fake muscle chest and spit chunks all over my buddy's van. Apparently there were some indecent exposure moments late on too... Anyways since then Yackman has been a nickname of mine (It's my PS3 id also). And that's why i don't really drink anymore...

LegendaryTigerHero responds:

That's an awesome story!! I love it!

I Laughed.

For 2 minutes straight.


this made me burst out in tears. Keep up the good work dude!

To the guy bellow me...

Dude, are you like the puke expert or something? It's a hilarious drawing, man!