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Reviews for "Dark Caverns"

Love it.

Wish i'd get a reply :) Dude, you're a master at your trade. I never actually reviewed your music before. Hell, if I did, i'd probably make 3rd-10th post on many of your songs. I love them all, just downloaded all of them again, in about 10-15 minutes. Your songs are awesome... All of them are.




Very interesting song it is hard to say what it is about it but it is just interesting.

woo sonic

dam dude i love the sonic expeccially the videogames keep it up dude

Not as good as your other ones but still great

When I hear the beggining the first thing that comes to my mind is someone that's lost in space and they're just now finding out, strange. 1 improvment needed, the ending wasnt very... well.. end themed, and even if it was a loop theres like a 0.5 second delay at the end, oh well.

Reviewing all your works

Just reviewing this one because it's actually the one with less and because of that the probability of you aactually get to see this is higher! You are fantastic. I was ,if you actually edited something? Regarding your flashs I enjoyed only one to be honest (TOAI3), but your music is unbeatable! Great job even though everyone has already said that.