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Reviews for "Dark Caverns"

Once again, another loop with untapped potential.

A full-lengthed version of this song would certainly fit the theme of a Sonic-esque platforming level with the same theme. 10/10 stars.

Soft and nice

I like it.

Awesome music!

It really does sound like the caverns level in Goldeneye game.Keep it up!

kewl music!!!!!11111

wow like wat the guy said "it's like the goldeneye video game" it's awesome music!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111keep it up i would like to hear more and more!!!!!!!!!!1111


James bond? It does. Reminds me of the Caverns level in the goldeneye game, hehe. Doesn't look that well, and it's not very long, but the music is great. Builds up the suspense! Keep up the great work!