Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 2"


This is the greatest series starring: Knuckles, (and probably the best Sonic the Hedgehog to.) Mighty is funny, I like it when he flips people off and threatens to beat up a bunch of mirrors, saying: "Come over heeer biotch! I'll kick your ass!" That's funny!
Knuckles is my favorite Sonic character thanks for making this amazing (and hillarious) series. Also, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RELEASE #10?

i love it!

u just made it even more better!!.i liked when mighty was fliping people and got those 2 fightin each othor. keep up the good work man u doing great!!!.

Just keeps getting better

Your pissing me off with these trophies, but everything else was good. The best part was when Mighty was runing around fliping people off. ^ ^

Both are good

I just starting watching Knuckles adventure and so far I like them both.

much(hiccup) better

thecybernoob your a loser.who gives a flying fuck if you found a mistake, i found a mistake too, you!:D