Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 2"

good movie

good graphics, this episode is mnuch better then the first. i can't wait for the next one.

Mighty is a drunk dumb@$$

mighty is a retard but everyone else is awesome the movie is great.

mighty is a dumbass

at least the tournament was 2 out of 3. mighty almost fell for that hat trick what an idiot

I load up the movies and watched them all!

Like watching a REALWORLD movie series, it's alot cooler to watch them one after another without waithing for them to load, so I loaded them all up and watched them all! Good movies, and i intend to watch them all again in a few days they were so AWSOME!
Anyways, k33p 1t up.


This series is f**king gewd. I hope #10 comes out soon