Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 2"

This was great , man...

I'm a huge fan of the whole Knuckles Adventure series but this has always been my favourite one. It's really great. n_n


Dude how did you get a 4 out of 5 man no offense but I'm not suprised by this storyline but the flash is something worthseeing!!!!!!! And thanks for making this flash......

good not great

it's something i would like to see going but i'm not just won over by a gd story line it also has to make me laugh abit more in a different way then just one of them being stupid and reck less but still it was alright.

Great job!

BTW I've been wondering. Who is the you lose guy supposed to be anyway?


You are teh most amazing flash artist ever!!!! You ROX Heran bago!!!! o, btw pm me wen knuckles adventure 10 is out, or, i could save you the trouble of my complete idocy, and just go to your website!!!