Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 2"

l33t 16-bit g00dn3ss!

Overall, not bad - pretty long, elite 16 bit graphicks - fun characters. Liked it quite a bit.

Story is a tad choppy at times .. .. .. but smack your head a bit and it's there.


You put a "Vote 5" in there ... ARR!

Now if you hadn't put "Vote 5" - I would have given you a 4 - BUT - since you did, I give you a 2. >:)

Imo though, you earned a 4. Just busting your balls a bit.

In summary ~ let's see some more - but please - don't beg for a score. (You don't need to man!)


PLEASE!! Please respond to this review!! I was wondering what website you got your sprites from, and could you help me with sprites, i kinda' dont get them, sorry for the big favor, well respond to this review, my e-mail is scottcolson@sbcglobal.net thanks!!

Heran-Bago responds:

read the credits...no one reads them... go read them