Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 2"


LMAO SO MUCH! Round 2 mUsiC was fuck ass!

oh that guys an armordilo

iv been tryin 2 figure out what he was since...cant remember when i first saw him...so nvm

Dr. Mario lost :(

But that's o.k. I laughed my arse off when Luigi did his weaj/1-hit-k.o. uppercut on Mighty, it remimded me of Melee. Overall the movie was kickass and I'm sure I'll enjoy watching the other episoded of this series.

you lose dr mario you loooooose!

graphics: i gave a 7 on this one cuz starting in the hall of mirrors scene it looks like you only used 2 different link walking sprites instead of all of them and you're too good of a sprite animator to make that kind of mistake

style: SPRITES!!!!

sound: went well w/ the fights and other scenes

violence: the fights were cool and stuff idk what else to say

humor: !!!! mighty pissing all over the floor was great, and you brought in the "you lose" guy in this one he's really funny


I'd say that that was cool. Can you tell me when you'll make # ten? The fights were cool (Maybe Mighty would be better if he was a little more sober) & link training while the others did nothing... & I only just realized that they did nothing today! Then the wierdo kidnaps Amy & Sonic goes to rescue her... cool. Anyway, cool movie, cool music, cool graphics, & I hope for # 10 soon!