Reviews for "Hypnotize X-rated (hania)"

Why Are You Not Signed Yet!!!

I dont understand music producers they do stupid talent shows to find a one hit wonder and here are you a singer/songwriter which to be honest in todays world is rarei have posted on other songs of yours i am the burden ringtone guy lol amazing you rock hard!!!!

hania responds:

Wooooooo! First comment to this song :) I couldn't be happier that it is you!! My Burden ringtone friend!! :) I hope all is well!! Thanks for the support and stay in touch!


heehee cool keep it up
better than necro *shudder* not quiet as creepy but still pritty weard


I know Im leaving tons of reviews, but I found ya by chance an hour ago and I am addicted. Completely.


It's just so hilarious to me. :) I can't help but laughing. The lyrics are amazingly put together and it's just so random. That = awesome.

Love it!

So random and catchy;) Sounds Great