Reviews for "Hypnotize X-rated (hania)"


You have a decent voice, you can play a piano, and know how to use sound effects. Its too bad you can't find something better to sing about.

Was this just me?

But this creeped the hell out of me. I mean I think I know what your getting at but compared to the other stuff I heard by you its just.........


Your voice seems a little bit higher on this one? Did you add some synths? Great job with the piano. It really works nicely in the back. Not as much as a focal point like it was in your cover of the theme song of the movie 300. That was an epic master piece, Hania. It makes me lulz in the best way , my dear. You rock and I hope to hear more of you.

Very naughty lyrics btw. I feel soiled. Not as much as I did with that one song you did of Transformers.