Reviews for "Hypnotize X-rated (hania)"


This is great.

Awesome lyrics... but you fall into a timing routine by the end of the song. It would have been nice if you'd mixed it up a little bit.

But, funny as.


dat is so good. U R SO HOT. the song 10/10

wat the hell.....

wat happened i fopund my pants wet......


you should get together with my cousin he makes songs like this you should check his work out go to my space search for the weird ons its funny shit


*bursts out laughing* its so fucking GOOOD! AND HALARIOUS...i swear if i could do flash id make a video to go with this song..unfortunatly i cant..sorry hania.shcuh ur self ur doin it right..fuck urself harder continue all night!....damn..lol! i could listin to this all the time