Reviews for "Hypnotize X-rated (hania)"

This is...

Amazing! This is really random but if I hypnotized someone I'd have them do the same things. :)

Love this sound

I like the out-of-place songs like this, roller coaster junkie, and necro. The quick paced higher pitch lyrics is what does it for me i think. If i ever did an indie film I would either want to incorporate your music into it or even make the film around a strange and dark/funny song. I feel Necro could be turned into an interesting noire film. or similar songs with narrative. The instrumental songs are great too but i like the stories you come up with for the songs themselves. Love your work. keep up the amazing results.


Masturbating while grating cheese....There's something abnormal about that?

kool, yes... offensive... not so much.

I really like the sound and lyrics of this song but I don't so much find it offensive at all. I read the lyrics and anyone who gets offended by this is more sensitive than any "intelligent" being should be. try harder to offend and then we'll see :D

Haha Wow

An interesting concept you have here. The style of the song and the vocals in particular remind me of Gabby La La. She's also...odd. >.> Did you use a filter on your voice in this though? It doesn't sound quite like your other tracks. o.O

hania responds:

I just sped the whole thing up - made the voice a little higher.